Under the Global Talent Stream IRCC promises that eligible temporary foreign workers applications  are processed in two weeks. The Global Talent Stream’s aim is to give qualifying  firms in Canada with a quicker way to hire highly skilled foreign workers when Citizens or PRs are not available, and support eligible companies recruit and hire the specialized and skilled talent from around the world they need to expand by giving faster and foreseeable  application processing.

  • 15 business days processing time for most the of TFW applications
  • WP exemptions for researchers in a short term research project in Canada and also for Highly skilled workers for short term.
  • a dedicated service opportunity  for firms looking to make job-creating large investments in Canada

Companies that would want  to join the Global Talent Stream will be asked to create a “Labor Market Benefits Plan,” which, describes the firms  commitments to create longstanding benefits for the Canadian labour market through activities:

  • employment creation
  • investment in skills development and training
  • knowledge transfer to Canadians

The  types of companies qualify to apply for The Global Talent Stream,are as follows:

  • Category A:
    Firms in Canada that are referred to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program’s Global Talent Stream by ESDC Designated Partner because that companies are innovative and can demonstrate a requirement to hire unique and specialized temporary foreign workers in order to grow.
  •  Category B:
    Companies in Canada that wish to hire TFW for highly skilled in-demand occupations found on ESDC’s Global Talent Occupations List where there is not sufficient labor supply from inside Canada.


Written by Rehman M


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