Farm Category

There also exists the Self-Employed Persons Program which seeks to bring people who will become self-employed in Canada. Such individuals must have experience in farm management, intend, buy and manage a farm in Canada. It is paramount to understand that farming is greatly skilled and capital intensive industry with real estate amounting up to 54% of the farmer’s assets when assessing an applicant’s intent and ability to purchase and manage a farm. According to the report given by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA), the average value of farmland is not constant for different provinces. The market prices of farmland closest to urban centers are higher. In Newfoundland, the average farm size is 146 acres while that of Saskatchewan is 1,152 acres. Also, there is no language proficiency specification or educational requirements for this category. But applicant must absolutely demonstrate the good knowledge level about the farming business in Canada to pass the interview if there is one. Reymann Center can certainly be of your assistance with expert knowledge right from the beginning through the  interview to the successful end of your application process granting of your Canada permanent residence visa.