A Toronto woman is stuck in Moscow and her family is desperately appealing to the federal government to bring her home — all because of what they claim is a simple clerical error.

Gyulzar Julia Yakobi, 56, travelled to Russia as a Canadian permanent resident on July 25, her family said, to seek private care for a medical condition that’s been growing worse over the past several months and for which she couldn’t get a diagnosis here.

Yakobi’s permanent resident card expired in December, but she decided to make the trip anyway due to her illness. It isn’t illegal; permanent residents with expired cards can obtain travel documents once abroad that allow them to return.

But when the mother and grandmother applied for those documents, she received a reply from the Canadian embassy that shocked her: according to the government, she hasn’t spent enough time in Canada in recent years to retain her residency status.

That’s just not true, she and her family say.

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