Number of Overseas Students in Canada over past 5 years.
2014————————————– 336497

And following countries are top suppliers of international students.

1. China 34%
2. India 14%
3.France, S. Korea 6%
4.S. Arabia ,US, Nigeria 3%
5 Japan, Brazil 2%
6. Pakistan, Vietnam, UK, Mexico 1%

Anyone who would like to file for Student visa for Jan 2018 intake must do it as early as possible since many of the students I filed for in the last week of July for Sept 2017 in take are keep calling me as we are still waiting for a final decision by IRCC. So like always , I would want you guys who are aspiring int’l students please expedite. Please don’t wait for the last moment.And If anyone don’t get a visa approved before college enrollment deadline, they will not be joining their planned intake and repeat the process from the beginning or start the process all over again.

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